Affiliate Programs

Below you will find programs that are synergistic with our mission and support our programs. Mahalo for the support!

Hawaii Youth Sailing Foundation

The Hawaii Youth Sailing Association (HYSA) was founded to encourage, support, and promote the growth of junior sailing and racing in Hawaii. 

The primary purpose of HYSA is to improve communication and connect junior sailors with sailing programs and available resources.  

Hawaii Kai Boat Club

The mission of the Hawaii Kai Boat Club is to support water programs that encourage fun and safe ocean activities for all ages. 

Hawaii Life Charitable Fund

Our mission is to work to preserve Hawai‘i’s beauty and culture by supporting its people. We support local charities and causes throughout the state that are aligned with our mission, primarily through grant funding provided through the Hawai‘i Love program.

Matson Foundation

Matson, Inc. established its charitable giving program to administer all of the company’s community support activities. Matson contributes funds, material goods and services to assist in the development and operation of not-for-profit, charitable and community organizations in the geographic locations in which Matson has business operations.